Cardiovascular Health
Barbra Streisand Fights for Equal Billing for Women’s Health
Relentlessly pushing for equity in women’s cardio health, celebrity icon Barbra Streisand discusses how she became interested in the subject and shares her thoughts on what can be done about it.
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Empowering Young Women
“Stranger Things” Shannon Purser is Speaking Up About Mental Health
First she made waves as the memorable (and meme-able) Barb in "Stranger Things," became a part on the hit teen drama "Riverdale" and stars in the Netflix original movie "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser." Now, the rising star is accepting a new role as a mental health advocate and speaking up about her own journey while encouraging others to do the same.
Women's Health
Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller Shares Her Ovarian Cancer Journey
Seven-Time Olympic Medalist Shannon Miller sat down with Mediaplanet to talk about her battle with ovarian cancer and how it changed her life forever.