Women's Health
An Olympic Hall-of-Famer Gets Candid About Ovarian Cancer
When world champion gymnast turned wellness advocate Shannon Miller was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, she didn’t hesitate to share her story with the world. In a Q&A, the seven-time Olympic medalist doesn’t hold back in describing her experience, hoping it will empower others to prioritize their health.
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Women's Health
When Government Funding of Ovarian Cancer Research Is Not Enough
Though it is the deadliest form of cancer affecting women, ovarian cancer receives just a fraction of the government funding awarded to other diseases such as prostate cancer.
Women's Health
Midwives Provide Personalized Care and Improved Birth Outcomes for Women and Families
In an evolving healthcare landscape in the United States, midwives provide safe, evidence-based, and personalized care that improves birth outcomes and patient satisfaction.