Giveaway: How a New OTC Medical Device Backed by Nobel Prize-winning Science Can Protect You by Targeting Underlying Conditions
Patients dealing with underlying health issues, including diabetes and chronic heart conditions, as well as COVID-19, may find fast and painless relief from an over the counter (OTC) device.
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Giveaway: The Medical Device That Could Save Over 90 Percent of COVID-19’s Most At-Risk Patients
A new clinical trial could significantly increase the rate of recovery and potentially save the lives of COVID-19 patients who have underlying health conditions
How to Reopen a Building Safely After the COVID-19 Pandemic
As our country focuses on the next phases of re-opening businesses, buildings from large office complexes to manufacturing plants and small retail stores that were not closed properly, not maintained during the closure, and not effectively cleaned could pose a health hazard to their occupants and staff.