The Medical Futurist Examines How AI Will Impact the Future of Healthcare
We talked to Dr. Bertalan Mesko, AKA The Medical Futurist, about the latest MedTech trends he’s keeping an eye on. Here’s what he had to say:
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Pgx testing-Pharmacogenetic-dna-mental health
Personalized Medicine
How Pharmacogenetic Testing Improves Treatment Selections and Avoids Harmful Drug Reactions
Physicians can sometimes use genetic testing to understand which medications at which doses will be most likely to help a patient.
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Personalized Medicine
Why This Breast Cancer Survivor Wants More People to Join Clinical Trials
When Laura Holmes Haddad was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer, she felt like she needed a miracle. She shared her experience of receiving lifesaving treatment from a clinical trial and what led her to start advocating for fellow cancer patients.