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Rare Diseases

The Power of Miracle Mornings

Hal Elrod is a motivational speaker and author of the bestselling book “The Miracle Morning,” in which he explains how things like positive affirmations and finding community helped him get through times of incredible hardship. For example, Elrod was initially pronounced dead after a traffic collision in the ‘90s (he took his first steps three weeks after the incident) and received a diagnosis of acute lympoblastic leukemia at 37, being given a 20-30% chance to live (he’s still going strong today).
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patient safety-nurs-educators-nurses-safety
Patient Safety

Advancing Patient Safety Through Nursing Education

There are a host of threats to patient safety in today’s uneven access to and delivery of quality, affordable healthcare throughout our nation’s complex healthcare system. But nursing education is working to develop strategies and solutions to prepare nursing graduates to lessen risk and increase the quality of care as they transition to practice.
breast cancer-survivor-clinical trials-genomic test-laura holmes haddad
Personalized Medicine

Why This Breast Cancer Survivor Wants More People to Join Clinical Trials

When Laura Holmes Haddad was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer, she felt like she needed a miracle. She shared her experience of receiving lifesaving treatment from a clinical trial and what led her to start advocating for fellow cancer patients.