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Maintaining a healthy pH balance and vaginal flora are critical aspects of female health. But this ecosystem is constantly changing, affected by a range of factors, including stress, sex, menstruation, medication, and much more.

When it comes to maintaining balance, prevention truly is the best defense. That’s why vH essentials is helping women improve their health by making it easy to develop a daily feminine health routine.

Maintaining a healthy flora and pH balance are some of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing odor, discomfort, vaginosis, infections, and many other common ailments. Here are some products that can help you stay clean, fresh, and balanced:

Daily Feminine Wash

vH essential’s Daily Feminine Wash is a great foundation for a daily health-oriented hygiene routine. Apply every day while in the shower to cleanse and stay fresh while also supporting a healthy pH balance, which is needed to protect against many common feminine health issues.

The wash, which is the top-selling in its category on Amazon, utilizes the natural protective properties of tea tree oil to ward off many common feminine health issues. It also has prebiotics known to help nourish good bacteria, and lactic acid to promote pH balance.

The Daily Feminine Wash is made without artificial colors, dyes, and other chemicals that are known to disturb pH levels, and even comes in a fragrance-free version.

Probiotics with Prebiotics and Cranberry capsules

Beyond hygiene, vH essentials offers supplements to promote better feminine health from within. Taken daily, its Probiotics with Prebiotics and Cranberry capsules can promote both feminine and urinary health using a triple-action formula.

The probiotics in these capsules supplement the existing bacteria in the vaginal flora while prebiotics help nourish the good bacteria. Meanwhile, 500mg of clinically studied natural cranberry extract cleanses the urinary tract to help reduce frequency of urinary tract infection.

Boric Acid + Tea Tree Vaginal Suppositories

With 300 mg of clinically tested boric acid, vH essentials’ Boric Acid + Tea Tree Suppositories help women avoid vaginal odor and imbalance by promoting a healthy pH. They’re also infused with prebiotics and lactic acid, supporting good bacteria.

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