Clinical Trials: Every Person Can Play A Powerful Role
The global race to combat the current pandemic has put medicine development in the spotlight and made clinical trials front-page news. To go beyond the headlines, we spoke with Marie-Pierre Hellio Le Graverand, M.D., Ph.D., a leader in drug development for Pfizer, and asked her for three takeaways she’d want people to have about clinical trials, what they are, and why they matter.
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Clinical Trials
A Doctor’s Perspective on the Benefits of Clinical Trials
Clinical trials offer the most effective treatments available, as well as the opportunity to help future patients.
Designing Clinical Trials: Listening to, and Learning From, Clinical Trial Participants
Medical breakthroughs wouldn’t be possible without the people who participate in clinical trial research every year. Traditionally, scientists and researchers design the studies to test investigational medicines and therapies for people who are living with a disease. But now, patients have a bigger role in the process: helping guide the design.