Meet the Mom on a Mission to Change Blood Sugar Management
When entrepreneur, inventor, and supermom Pamela Heyward faced the challenge of raising two daughters with type 1 diabetes, she became driven to change the future of blood sugar management. We asked her about the work she’s been doing.
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How a Medicinal Skincare Company Is Serving the Diabetic Community
When Perry Antelman studied his father’s research into special classes of minerals and saw their therapeutic results, he was compelled to bring this technology to the world. He launched Aidance Scientific, a research, development, and topical compounding facility, and set forth a healing revolution.
How to Have a Healthy Baby While Managing Gestational Diabetes
You are not alone — nearly 10 percent of pregnancies in the United States are affected by gestational diabetes.
Challenge the Status Quo for Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetes can cause a loss of sensation in the body’s extremities, making it common for people with diabetes to develop chronic wounds on their feet, referred to as diabetic foot ulcers.