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Learn About Special Angels Adoption

Jennifer Kelly

Medical Director, Agency Coordinator, and Media Coordinator for Special Angels

This is a fully licensed 501(c)3 non-profit, private adoption agency founded by women who are adoptive parents themselves. 

Why Special Angels?

Special Angels Adoption is the country’s only special needs adoption exclusive agency helping families in all 50 states. We support all types of families in all their choices. We empower parenting by providing resources and support to families. We offer a peer counseling program where birth parents can speak with other parents raising a child with the same or similar condition. 

Special Angels Adoption is also the only adoption agency partnered with CGI for Project Heritage — a program designed to give parents more options with prenatal screening test results. Birth parents are provided lifetime support whether they choose to terminate, parent, or place for adoption. We help birth, adoptive,surrogate, and intended families all over the country.

We have helped with over 1,200 special needs adoption situations since 2013, and we have never not found a family for any infant or child with special medical needs, even children who are terminal We always have afamily.

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