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One in 8 couples grapples with infertility. With hopes of building a family, many couples turn to expensive fertility treatments.

Basic in vitro fertilization (IVF) costs $12,000  and is typically paid for out-of-pocket.

Many couples borrow money from family or save for years to afford treatments. But there are other options, such as affordable financing solutions, to consider on the path to parenthood. 

“People should be able to get the services they need at a price point they can handle,” says Hans Zandhuis, head of Ally Lending, the personal lending arm of Ally Bank, a subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc. Ally Lending gives consumers the option to pay over time through financing. 

Our healthcare financing solutions give your patients the option to pay over time for care and treatments they want or need, while you get paid up front.

“People need solutions for high-cost healthcare treatment,” says Chris Klemick, Ally Lending’s head of healthcare sales. “Financing gives them more flexibility and time. They have the option to pay off over 12 to 60 months depending on the need, cost, and what works best for their budget.”

Ally Lending’s end-to-end digital process is appreciated by fertility providers as well, as they experience no start-up fees and receive hands-on assistance from the Ally team. Providers like that they can pre-qualify patients for financing with no impact to their credit score.

Preferred lender

MCRM Fertility began working with Ally Lending over a year ago.

“Ally is our preferred lender, because they have the lowest interest rates, long payment terms, no penalty for early payoff, and an easy application process,” says Kelly Gittemeier, MCRM Fertility’s billing and revenue cycle manager.

She says clients appreciate the personalized approach and customer service. When patients apply, they choose a plan that’s manageable for them. Ally Lending then pays the fertility center in-full on the patient’s behalf following treatment.

“We’ve used a couple of banks previously but teaming up with Ally has been the best decision we ever made,” she says.

Helping patients and providers

The infertility journey is a stressful time for patients. Offering them flexible financial options eases that stress.

To begin offering Ally Lending financing at your office, enroll today.

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