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From anticipation to uncertainty, disappointment to excitement, the fertility journey is an emotional one. It can be a pricey one too, depending on the course of treatment. Helping ease the emotional and financial burden, where possible, is a priority for providers as they care for their patients. 

Reducing patient stressors from the path to parenthood is no small feat. Through the use of digital technologies, providers can help patients more easily manage tasks like filling out forms and determining financial obligations. “If the upfront process goes smoothly, then the patient’s confidence goes up about how the treatment is going to go,” says Dr. G. David Adamson, M.D. and CEO of ARC Fertility. “It’s about minimizing stress and emotionally supporting the patient.”

“Consumers are actively looking for the most convenient ways to engage with their provider,” says Brian Doyle, senior director at Rectangle Health, a healthcare technology company that provides payment and patient engagement solutions exclusively to healthcare providers.

Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge®solution makes the connection between easier healthcare payments and an improved patient experience.

Doyle says patients expect a “retail-like experience and, increasingly, a contactless one. They want to be able to keep a credit card on file, make online payments, check in, and complete paperwork digitally — things that eliminate paper-intensive activities, phone calls, and emails to the practice.”

The advantages of a digital transition are not just patient facing. Providers reap benefits like increased staff efficiency when these manual tasks are digitized and automated.

Streamlined solution

Over a year ago, ARC Fertility partnered with Rectangle Health to help their member clinics improve their day-to-day processes. Dr. Adamson says that Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge® solution helps offices run smoothly by saving staff time and reducing errors, and that patients benefit from the ability to engage with the clinic easily and make convenient, contactless payments.

Reach your patients with payment links, appointment reminders, registration links and other timely communications that are sent to them directly through the Practice Management Bridge®.

“They have a very well worked out, comprehensive system that can make it easier for the patients and easier for the staff,” says Dr. Adamson. 

To learn how Rectangle Health can help your clinic improve practice workflow and patient satisfaction, contact Brian Doyle at [email protected].

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