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Relief at Long Last for Ringing in the Ears

As a clinical audiologist, I hear complaints about “ear noise” interfering with a person’s quality of life way too often. The affects can be devastating, interfering with things like sleep, concentration, work performance and relationships.

Up until recently, there’s was not much help out there for this condition. You may see ads for so-called cures that range from pills to surgery, but none of these treatments have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

The cause of tinnitus

The prevailing theory on the cause of tinnitus is a loss of proper brain stimulation from the ear. In other words, because your brain is not properly stimulated, it tries to make up for the missing stimulation, resulting in over-stimulation. This neurological phenomenon has been likened to the phantom limb pain experience.

What to do

While tinnitus will not cause you to lose your hearing, 90 percent of tinnitus patients have some degree of hearing loss. Often an individual will have decreased hearing without even knowing, but that does not mean the damage has not been done.  If you suffer from tinnitus you should be checked out by an audiology professional before it become a quality of life issue.

Once evaluated, a proper treatment plan can be established. Most patients who undergo therapy at our tinnitus treatment centers report a significant reduction in their daily tinnitus experience. Some even say the ringing disappears completely during the day.

Our tinnitus treatment centers in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC and Albertson, NY, are proud to provide a risk-free option to help you combat this condition.

Dr. Amy Sapodin, [email protected]

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