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The Benefits of A Therapeutic School For Your Teen

Photo: Courtesy of Andrik Langfield

At the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs we receive many phone calls from parents searching for help and guidance as they try to find the best placement for their teen or young adult. The majority of these parents have exhausted their local options and run through several therapists and schools for their children before they are made aware that our programs exist. The daily routine of either walking on eggshells or arguing with your child does not have to be the new “normal.” 

A place for everyone ​​​​​​​

These placement options include therapeutic schools, residential treatment programs, wilderness therapy programs, young adult programs and home-based residential programs working with troubled teens. All of these options work to provide the highest quality services to the young people and families they serve. These services are unique to each student and involve the family at the very beginning and throughout the continuum of care. While looking at therapeutic programs, you will notice that many have a specific type of student that they work best with. This allows for individualized therapy, education and care that is fitted to your child’s needs. 

As a strong proponent of early intervention, we believe that the right program can set a child on the path to being a healthy adult. The right program not only allows a teen to receive the specialized therapy they need, but to also develop healthy relationships, further conversations with their families and to continue their studies as well. 

The ultimate goal 

As you review our list of member programs, you will find a variety of unique options but it is helpful to remember that the common mission of these programs is to promote the healthy growth, learning, motivation and personal well-being of program participants. The objective of member therapeutic and educational programs is to provide excellent treatment for program participants. Treatment is rooted in deep-seated concern for their well-being and growth, respect for them as human beings and sensitivity to their individual needs and integrity.

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