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Vinomis Labs has a range of nutraceuticals that offer myriad health benefits, including its pain-relieving Vinoprin and Vindure 900. Here, CEO Maria Donohue talks about how Vinomis Laboratories’ science-backed products can be used as alternatives to more habit-forming and side effect-producing options.

How can Vinomis Labs help people avoid using opioids? 

Vinomis Labs has experience helping people wean off opioids by using one or both of our natural products. 

Vinoprin is our most popular product for pain control. Likely, the weaning process may require the help of a professional. Vinoprin is certainly a good alternative for anyone in pain, especially opioid-dependent users. 

What ingredients are in Vinoprin and how does it work? 

Vinoprin is made from a proprietary beer hops cone extract blend, Humulus lupulus L, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is also encapsulated with ginger and peppermint oils. It works similarly to Motrin but without the same side effects. In addition to relieving pain, it can reduce anxiety and be used as a sleep aid.

Are there any other Vinomis products you recommend for people experiencing chronic pain? 

Vinomis Labs has a proprietary blend of resveratrol, Powergrape, and quercetin called Vindure 900. This also has an anti-inflammatory effect. This nutraceutical is a combination that has been shown to be a  powerful antioxidant, anti-aging blend and neurocognitive-enhancing formula. In addition, our company has found that our proprietary blend, when used regularly, can decrease the incidence and severity of COVID-19, among our Vindure 900 customer group. 

The combination of Vinoprin and Vindure 900 is a great alternative to other treatments for pain management, increased energy, and overall better health.

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