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Stroke Awareness

Stroke Certifications Provide a Better Patient Experience

Approximately 800,000 people suffer from strokes each year, and, with the brain being so complex, no two strokes are the same. Even if two people experience a stroke in the same area of the brain, their recovery processes can be completely different.

When it comes to seeking care, a nurse who receives the Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) credential can be a reliable lifeline. American Board of Neuroscience Nursing board member Shannon Stone equates the SCRN credential to “that cherry on top of a sundae.”

Certified knowledge is power

Research shows that certified nursing leads to better patient outcomes, and the nurses who are certified are extensively tested on different types of strokes and treatments.

Stone says, “By being certified, we’re committing to our patients the extra knowledge we’ve earned and taken the time to learn so that we can provide that best practice for them.”

Patients always have a choice of where they can go for medical assistance, but a certification is a way that staff can “offer the best patient care. That’s what we’re doing to give more back to our patients.”

Peace of mind for patients

While there are plenty of capable medical professionals who are not SCRN credentialed, the certification provides extra peace of mind for the patients and the assurance that the nurse has superior knowledge on the subject.

Stone urges patients to ask their nurses why they are or aren’t SCRN credentialed. Many centers will also showcase certifications to reassure patients and family members.

“By providing better care, we restore health, we get patients back into the community, and it’s a healthier community all the way around.”

In the end, the nurses and medical teams are on your side and want to ensure that they’re doing everything in their power to get their patients back to a functional point.

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