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Sexual Wellness

Period Enlightenment: The Feminine Path of Awakening

Alila Rose Grace

Founder, Mahina Menstrual Cup

Every month you have an opportunity to awaken. You can choose to honor your womb – one of the most sacred, powerful, and holiest of places. It’s where life is created. Each period presents you with a portal to tap into the ancient, intrinsic wisdom that lies deep within.

Your period is the time when you are most tender and vulnerable. The cells in your vaginal canal are open, porous, and engorged, mirroring your psyche. This special time is intended to be solo and introspective. In my world, PMS stands for “please more space!” The body has a profound intelligence and it will tell you all you need to know. The ultimate self-care is the ability to set boundaries so you can listen deeply. This monthly marker offers the perfect rest and reset button.

Connect to yourself

Imagine that every month your favorite flower blossoms inside of you. This flower needs you to tend the soil, water it regularly, and give it sunshine. The flower blooms in accordance to your devoted care. And then it wilts, sheds its petals, and gets composted back into the earth. As the moon cycles, you cycle with it, blessed by regular chapters that mark your life’s experience. As you consistently journey through these birth and death regeneration cycles, there is a continued opportunity to let something go and to birth yourself anew.


When on your period, you are at your most powerful, prophetic, magical, and mystical. It’s the time when the doors to your body’s wisdom open. This is a potent moment to vision, to release and to remember. To listen to your body, pour your blood onto the earth and honor all of creation. These are the best practices to enjoy and embody your monthly cycle.

Relax and let go

Every period is a message. If you experience heavy PMS symptoms, your body is telling you that something is out of balance. The expression will worsen until the problem is solved or there is no solution. Quantum physics has proven that energy flows where attention goes. Your period is calling out for your dedicated love and attention.

Take a moment and bring your hands to your belly. Take a long, deep breath in, and fill your belly completely. Let the breath linger there while you bring your focus and awareness to your womb. Exhale and let it all go. Repeat. Start with a few breaths, keep going, and work up to a few minutes.

The feminine path of enlightenment is to receive, open, and allow. In our western world, we have been taught the opposite. When you gift yourself the space to just be, breathe, and commune with your body, you become magnetic. You will attract all the blessings to you rather than extending, chasing, and hustling after them. Your period is beautiful, sacred, and wise. Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. It’s a gift, not a curse.

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