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If aging well at home and in your community is your goal, then you need to know and connect to your local Area Agency on Aging.

Sandy Markwood

CEO, USAging

“Optimal aging is a journey for us all, and AAA and Title VI programs can help you and your family navigate it.”

Poll after poll shows that the goal of most older adults is to be able to age in place — in their own home and in their community. But to do so well, most will need some help along their aging journey. 

Whether it’s staying healthy through exercise, fall prevention, or chronic disease management classes; getting help with meals, transportation, home repairs, or chores; learning more about Medicare options from an unbiased source; staying engaged to prevent social isolation and loneliness; or accessing a wide range of other community resources that promote optimal aging, your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) should be your first stop. 

AAAs are the local leaders in aging well, providing a range of resources and services to support aging with health, independence, and dignity — and they’re easy to find all across the country. AAAs also provide support to family caregivers with training and services to help them care for their loved ones. Supported by public funding, these agencies work with community partners to deliver programs and services that fit the unique needs of older adults and caregivers in their service area. 

Long-time trusted community resources, this year marks the 50th anniversary of AAAs being created through the Older Americans Act, and it is also the 45th anniversary of Title VI Native American Aging Programs, which support elders living in Indian Country.

Optimal aging is a journey for us all, and AAA and Title VI programs can help you and your family navigate it. So reach out and connect to your local AAA or other aging resources via the Eldercare Locator, a federally funded call center dedicated to connecting older adults and caregivers to resources on aging well in their states and communities, at 1-800-677-1116 or

About USAging

USAging is the national association representing and supporting the network of Area Agencies on Aging and advocating for the Title VI Native American Aging Programs. Our members help older adults and people with disabilities throughout the United States live with optimal health, well-being, independence and dignity in their homes and communities.

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