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A Personalized Approach to Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction isn’t a personal failure; it’s just that: an addiction. It’s a health problem that requires medical care similar to cancer or a broken leg.

“The idea that people see addiction as a moral failing has left its victims scorned, discriminated against, and punished by society,” said Clare Waismann, a registered addiction specialist, substance use disorder certified counselor, and founder of the Waismann Method and Domus Retreat.

A rejection of stigma

Waismann Method Advanced Treatment for Opioid Dependence and Rapid Detox Center is world-renowned for providing one of the most successful opioid detoxification methods to date. Waismann and her team of healthcare specialists report helping thousands of individuals recover from opioid addiction. They note that their opioid treatment enables the restoration of patients’ nervous system, reversing the ill effects of chronic opiate use.

“This stigmatization and misunderstanding of substance abuse and mental illness have been harmful, and often lethal, to so many,” Waismann added. “We have the science and the resources to successfully treat opioid use disorder, so all we need is to replace judgment and stigma with effective medical treatment, education, and compassion.”

Waismann has collaborated with Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, a quadruple board-certified M.D., since the late 1990s. Together they continue to offer superior and comprehensive medical care in Southern California.

A personalized approach

“I have always been highly interested in the science surrounding mental health. Although I did not quite understand the depth and heartbreaks of addiction in my early days, after almost a quarter of a century of study, training, and hands-on experience, I am humbled with the realization of the multiple dimensions of this condition,” Waismann said.

Waismann Method Opioid Treatment is based on the concept of medical science and personalized medicine, whereby each treatment is tailored to meet individuals’ health history, dependence, and current health condition.

Unlike other treatment programs, Waismann Treatment offers:

  • Admission to a private room of a Joint Commission-accredited hospital a day before rapid detox for comprehensive medical evaluation and physical stabilization.
  • A medical director board-certified in addiction medicine, anesthesia, pain management, and anti-aging.  
  • Several medical detoxification protocol options, to ensure safety and best treatment outcome.
  • Craving management therapy such as Naltrexone or Vivitrol.
  • Inpatient recovery care for a few days with supportive medications and therapeutic treatments.
  • Five to 10-day inpatient treatment options.

“I strive to provide a safe space for those seeking help, where concerns are heard and evaluated, and where individual needs are carefully and respectfully examined,” Waismann explained. “Treatment options are decided purely on patients’ needs and not on preset protocols that benefit the program more than the patient. I want the patient to have a meaningful experience — one that will help them start a healthier path.”

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