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Families are busier than ever. Luckily, Bare is making it easy to take real fruits and coconuts on the go in a deliciously crunchy snack.

People are increasingly aware of the impact of a healthy diet — a recent survey found that 85% of parents want to offer their kids healthier snacks. But wellness can get complicated, especially when your family keeps you on the move.

“I’ve got two sons” said Melody Macaluso, a senior director of Bare Snacks. “You don’t always have time to fix complete healthy meals. That’s why a lot of us just ended up reaching for the most conventional quick snacks, which are often not the healthiest.”

Bare necessities

Convenience is paramount for today’s busy families, but grabbing snacks off the store shelf often requires taking the time to parse through lengthy ingredient labels.

The approach Bare Snacks has taken can be boiled down to their mantra: Less Is More™. “Our snacks give that crunch and flavor we all want, but with just a few ingredients, like apples, or bananas,” Macaluso explained.

Bare Snacks began when a family-owned orchard in Washington state struggled with bountiful harvests that left them with a surplus of fresh apples. They discovered that slicing and baking the apples produced a chip-like snack that had the delicious flavor and fiber of an apple with the addition of a satisfying crunch.

Bare’s apple chips were a hit, and the brand expanded into other products, adding bananas, pineapples, and coconuts, and combining them with other ingredients like cinnamon. They’re great for snacking or as a tasty crunch accompaniment to recipes or meals.

For Macaluso, this is about more than snacks. “Your children always want to emulate your behavior when they’re really young,” she noted. “So, the fact that it’s a snack you can feel good about sharing with them is an awesome win!”

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