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Ending the HIV epidemic in the United States is within reach, but only if all sectors, including employers, work together to make sure the most powerful HIV prevention and treatment tools reach the people in greatest need.

Caroline Jackson

Director, Health Action Alliance and U.S. Business Action to End HIV

Mario Harper

Director, Health Action Alliance and U.S. Business Action to End HIV

U.S. Business Action to End HIV — an initiative of the Health Action Alliance — unites companies like Mercer, Walmart, Uber, and others to leverage their resources, influence, and expertise to help end the epidemic by 2030. 

Scientific advancements, such as rapid HIV tests, PrEP medication to prevent getting HIV, and antiretroviral treatments that enable people to live healthy lives and prevent transmission to others — can drastically reduce new HIV cases. However, challenges remain, including access, misinformation, discrimination, and HIV stigma.

5 ways employers can help

  1. Provide comprehensive medical coverage for HIV screening, prevention, and treatment.
  2. Allow flexible time off for HIV-related medical appointments.
  3. Foster an inclusive work environment by educating employees and reducing stigma.
  4. Implement HIV non-discrimination workplace policies.
  5. Collaborate with community organizations to improve access to HIV services.

The Health Action Alliance offers free tools and resources to help employers take action. And employers can amplify their impact by joining U.S. Business Action to End HIV. Take the first step at

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