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3 Top Places in Your Home to Baby-Proof

1. Nursery safety

A beautifully designed nursery is no good unless it is perfectly safe for your growing baby. The crib mattress need to be firm with no loose blankets, stuffed animals or decorative pillows.

Temperature of the room is also important. With concern about the baby getting cold, this is when good swaddle blankets for newborns and sleep sacks for older babies are a good addition. Hanging things above the bed can also be a safety concern; for example, mobiles and large pictures on the wall. Keep those on different walls and opt for a projector of images on the ceiling and walls rather than a mobile.

This baby-proofing starts right when you bring baby home and continues to toddlerhood.

2. Bath time safety

Babies and kids can drown in one inch of water, so be sure to use an age-appropriate bathtub or bath accessory and never leave them unattended. Temperature of the bath water is also a concern — be certain to adjust your hot water heater to 120 degrees.

3. Overall home protection

Nursery and bath are main concerns in the beginning of your journey; once your baby becomes mobile, total home protection is necessary. This begins with gate protection on stairways and anywhere you do not want your curious toddler. Pool fencing is a must, as drowning is unfortunately one of the top causes of death for children 5 and under.

Electric socket covers protect those tiny fingers from further exploration. Cabinet locks are a must, especially in the kitchen and bath where cleaning products or toxic chemicals are stored. Door handle protection will keep curious toddlers from opening front doors or back doors without. Adventurous toddlers love to climb, so furniture needs to be mounted to the walls (this includes TVs). 

Baby-proofing is a daily task. As your little one grows, you will need to take different protection measure. Each night or morning, browse the house for small toys or electronic cords that may have fallen in baby’s reach. 

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