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Avera eCARE CEO Discusses the Telemedicine Revolution

Advances in remote care technology are giving more people than ever access to important healthcare services.

Deanna Larson

CEO, Avera eCARE

What are some advantages of telemedicine?

Telemedicine is all about access to care. Through Avera eCARE, we leverage telemedicine to extend specialty care across the miles. We support rural care in emergency rooms, hospital pharmacies, and “wired” ICU beds. We’re providing care where our patients are — at home or on the go via our mobile app, in schools, prisons, senior living communities, and more.

How has telemedicine revolutionized traditional healthcare?

Telemedicine eliminates the barriers of time and travel. People in rural locations can have the same timely access to specialists such as oncologists. Specialty care can be offered in a given community without having to recruit a specialist to physically practice there. The same high quality of care can be delivered at a lower overall cost.

Is the security and privacy of the patient protected?

Yes. Avera eCARE uses a closed network via buried T1 lines as well as a secure virtual visit platform that are compliant with HIPAA to ensure patient privacy. These measures also ensure a quality, undistorted sound, and image.

To what heights do you see telemedicine advancing?

Telehealth kits will allow more care at home. We’ve already done pilots with virtual prenatal visits and management of gestational diabetes. Augmented reality could allow assistance and support through a difficult procedure. We will soon use telemedicine to enter into crisis scenarios with behavioral health expertise. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface.

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