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Clinical trials are an essential part of scientific research and healthcare discoveries.

Global holistic healthcare company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka), is committed to developing new treatments in neuroscience, with a focus on the challenging area of mental health. 

As a leader in pharmaceuticals, Otsuka has been dedicated to discovering unconventional solutions for complex, underserved medical needs for over 30 years. Their neuroscience work has focused on treatments for adults with schizophrenia and major depressive disorder, and neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), epilepsy, and others.

Otsuka recognizes each central nervous system (CNS) disorder has its respective treatment challenges and there are significant gaps in patient care. Their clinical and research work is focused on meeting and overcoming these challenges.

“At Otsuka, we respect the value within every mind,” says John Kraus, MD, PhD, VP Clinical Development CNS at Otsuka. “That’s why our clinical development in this therapeutic area will continue to address the gaps in mental health treatments, so those affected by CNS disorders can have more options to meet their needs.”


When patients participate in a clinical trial, they’re helping find solutions to complex healthcare challenges. These trials are vital to helping establish the safety and efficacy of potential new therapies, as well as providing scientific data for the regulatory approval required to make these treatments available to the public. Patient safety and research integrity are key components to the success of these trials. 

Clinical trials are a partnership between the volunteer, the research physician and the company sponsoring the trial. There is a constant a back-and-forth flow of information that informs the safety and efficacy of the product under research, always putting the patient safety first.

Otsuka believes patient conversations with their doctor about clinical trials should be the standard of care so that patients are aware of all potential treatment options for their disease or condition. The company has vast relationships with healthcare providers and may already work with providers in your area.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Otsuka has a long history of driving innovation through diversity of thought. As both a business and human imperative, Otsuka believes it is essential that disparities are addressed and equitable access and opportunities are available.

“We are focusing on activities that can begin to address clinical trial diversity and health disparities in the diseases we treat” says Sabrina Mays Diagne, Sr. Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer.  “Proposed interventions will help overcome barriers including medical mistrust, eligibility, enrollment practices, and access to information.”

To accomplish its mission, Otsuka’s Research and Development team has identified a number of priorities that impact the entire R&D ecosystem, including employees, vendors, sites, health care providers and patients.

Holistic approach

Otsuka’s holistic approach focuses on the whole body. By working to meet patients’ unaddressed medical needs, they’re poised to create new therapeutic approaches, products, and unprecedented drugs.

By working to meet patients’ unaddressed medical needs, Otsuka is poised to create new therapeutic approaches, products and unprecedented drugs.

For more information on Otsuka and their ongoing, enrolling clinical trials, visit otsuka-us.com.

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