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4 Powerful Messages From Breast Cancer Warriors

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Cervantes

There’s something beautiful about letting things off your chest and sharing your message with the world. There is no censoring necessary — tell the world what you really want to say to cancer. Here are four heartfelt messages submitted online from women who have battled breast cancer.

1. Samantha-25610, breast cancer survivor

You took my breasts, my sense of security in my life. I’ve lost my job and my relationship. DNA gave me triple-negative metaplastic breast cancer and it’s done nothing but take. It’s given me hell but I’m hoping a second life will prove to be something it’s given me.

2. Tinamm, breast cancer survivor

Dear cancer, I want to talk to you about my search for enlightenment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2011. Too many of us have heard those words in stunned disbelief. As the days unfolded and the reality started to sink in I had a glimpse of what that might look like. The surgery, the treatments, the drugs. Apparently in between throwing up, the pain and the exhaustion I was supposed to use all the time I now had on my hands to find my true calling and become a much higher being. I am an overachiever so I tried. In a vision it came to me that what I needed to do was stop putting so much pressure on myself to become something better than what I am. I am not perfect but I am good enough for now. Maybe it is not cancer patients who need to seek enlightenment but the world around us that is made so uncomfortable by the glimpse into their own mortality. Let us be ourselves. The people you knew before. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are angry. Sometimes we have flashes of enlightenment.

3. Iris, breast cancer fighter

I hate you cancer, you have stripped me of my confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. I do not recognize myself anymore and yearn for my old life back. I hate that I feel so alone and struggle with decisions and menial tasks. You tried to kill me and took my breast. But I am a fighter and take each day as it comes with a positive mental attitude. I tell you this: I will never ever give up.

4. Bree15, breast cancer survivor

Dear Cancer, You took a lot of people and things from my life but what you fail to realize is that what you took from me were things and people I did not need in my life. What you did do is leave me people that I know truly loved me, killer battle scars, hair that is coming in nice and curly, and a new way of loving life. So even though I kicked your butt out my life for what I hope is forever, I want to say thank you for coming. But I hope you never show your ugly face ever again cuz if you do you know what I will do to you. Bree

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