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Is your child’s school ready for an asthma emergency? 

Asthma attacks are the No. 1 reason for U.S. school absences because of a chronic disease. And yet, only 17 states allow schools (not just the students with asthma) to carry a supply of emergency asthma medicine. 

The CDC estimates that nearly 4 million school-aged U.S. children have asthma.

More states must pass laws that allow trained school staff to provide emergency asthma medication (typically albuterol) to any student in respiratory distress. This would decrease emergency room visits since most children are able to go back to class after taking albuterol.

Just as all 50 states allow schools to have emergency allergy medicine on hand for children with allergies, all 50 states must have laws to allow albuterol in schools as well.

Visit to learn more about our asthma programs and advocate for legislation in your state. Together, we can protect the health and well-being of our students, and provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all children.

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