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Your Mattress Could Be Preventing You From a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s all about what you sleep with. While environmental factors are significant – wearing comfortable pajamas, keeping your bedroom cool and clutter free, eliminating blue light – it’s what’s under you that really matters. The Better Sleep Council believes that you should “start every day with a good night’s sleepTM,” and the only way to truly achieve this is by sleeping on a quality mattress, one that delivers comfort and support.

How mattresses impact sleep

Reality check: are you feeling rested and ready to start the day each morning? Your answer depends largely on the age of your mattress and its current condition.

If your mattress is older than 7 years, it’s time for a checkup. Is it still giving you the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep? A good mattress should relieve pressure on your joints and your body, and you should not wake up with aches and pains. As your mattress ages, it loses the ability to do this and your sleep quality gradually declines. This happens so slowly, you may not even realize it.

Think back to the last best night’s sleep that you had. You might have to do a little detective work to put the pieces together. Many of us have that “aha” moment when we sleep somewhere else – a hotel, a friend’s guest room. That could be because they have a better mattress! Maybe your hips are killing you, you can’t get comfortable at night, and you’re waking up exhausted. Add this to the fact that your mattress is seven or more years old and bingo, you’ve figured out the problem is not your body falling apart, it’s time to break up with your current mattress.

Mattress shopping

When you’re ready to replace your mattress, you might not know what you want or what you should look for. There are a wide variety of mattresses available incorporating different materials and technologies that meet your budget and your needs. But remember, picking a mattress is very subjective. Only you are going to know what kind of mattress feels good to your body. Explore the different options so that you can begin to narrow down the type of mattress that is best for you.

Because a mattress is a major purchase, it might feel overwhelming to shop for. Do a little research before you start shopping. Work with knowledgeable salespeople who can guide you through your bedding choices or spend time visiting websites with demo videos and chat options. Ask questions and look for detailed explanations when needed. If you don’t feel your salesperson is knowledgeable or helpful, take your business elsewhere.

Before you do anything, take the Better Bed Quizzz to evaluate your needs and preferences before shopping and begin shopping with confidence.

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