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Sleep Sensitivity

The Difference an Organic Mattress Makes

Prioritize healthy sleep with a comfortable, certified organic mattress made with materials that are good for you and the environment. 

Conventional mattresses that are made with polyurethane foams and flame retardants are known to release small amounts of volatile organic compounds that could become harmful to certain individuals. Instead, choose a healthy, comfortable organic mattress that is made from materials like GOTS certified organic cotton and wool, and GOLS certified organic latex.

Find the mattress that is right for you. At My Green Mattress we offer a variety of certified organic mattresses.

“Safe, healthy and affordable sleep for your whole family” is the mission at My Green Mattress. The family-owned, American-made company was started in 2007 when Tim Masters, a father of five, set out to reduce exposure to toxins in his home when his infant daughter, Emily, developed eczema and allergies. Masters created the Emily Crib mattress for his daughter, and then launched a complete line of certified organic mattresses for families across America seeking nontoxic sleep.

The top choice for adults is the Natural Escape hybrid mattress, while parents can put baby safely to sleep on the firm yet breathable Emily Organic Crib mattress, and older children will sleep soundly on the affordable Kiwi mattress.

This article has been paid for by My Green Mattress.

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