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Starting and Sticking to a Wellness Routine in the New Year

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The new year is a fresh start for your personal health and wellness.

While there’s been ongoing stress, anxiety and uncertainty due to the pandemic, politics and more, it’s important to keep those stresses in check so they don’t spiral into physical illness.

Boost your immunity to protect yourself from illness with healthy habits like a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep and rest, staying hydrated and good digestion. Add in wellness practices, like exercise and meditation, which can leave you feeling calmer and better prepared to manage your emotions and handle stressful situations.


Take time to recharge! One of the silver linings to the pandemic is that you have more time for self-care. Nourish your energy with good-for-you practices like journaling or quiet reflection.

“This is definitely a time of high stress, but as long as you are staying healthy, it can also be an opportunity for introspection and for deepening your self-care practices,” says wellness expert Serena Poon.

Reduce stress and anxiety by disconnecting from technology, including your phone, emails and the news for an hour or more each day, since she says that constant engagement “can overwhelm our minds and the influx of unclear or uncertain information can create more feelings of stress and anxiety.”

Take care of your body by exercising and limiting alcohol, processed foods, sugars and caffeine. Eat grounding foods, like vegetables, whole grains and proteins that may help calm the body.

Next, relax with self-care such as reading a book, exercising, taking a bath, meditating, or enjoying your favorite CBD tincture.

Poon uses Elixinol’s Organic Balance Tincture daily, crediting it with bringing harmony to her mind and body, and supporting her overall wellness, especially on days when she feels overwhelmed.  

“This particular full-spectrum CBD product is truly unique, using organic whole-hemp extract blended with certified organic MCT oil and BCP (beta-caryophyllene), and the entire product has been certified through Pro-Cert, North America’s premier USDA organic certification organization,” she says.

Poon says CBD also helps with inflammation, which can lead to larger issues and impact the gut, brain, mobility, and more. She’s a fan of Elixinol’s Omega Turmeric Capsules.

Get and stay on track

While it can be challenging to form healthy habits and stick to a wellness routine, with some planning and commitment, you can get and stay on track.

Before beginning new wellness routines, track your innate habits and preferences for a few days. For example, note when you’re hungry, tired, and low energy.  When does quiet meditation help you? Next, tailor your new wellness plans around your current routine.

Set specific goals to help you stick with your wellness routine. For instance, if you know you want great skin for your next Zoom event, drink lots of water throughout the day.

Don’t go it alone. Instead pair up with a friend who has similar goals so you can help each other on your respective journeys. Together you can share challenges, accomplishments, support and positive reinforcement. For added support, hire a coach, trainer, or nutritionist to help you reach your goals.

Stay positive

Don’t get frustrated with yourself as pursue your wellness goals. Set a goal and work towards it, even if it takes a little extra time or effort.

Along the way, celebrate small wins, such as the 10 day anniversary of adopting a new daily habit. If you struggle with your wellness program, acknowledge that mistakes happen but keep trying.

It’s OK to refine goals as needed. Reflect on what’s working and what’s not so you can create an attainable routine. For example, if your wellness goal is to meditate every day, but mornings are busy, try meditating 10-20 minutes during your lunch break or before bed.

A positive attitude can help you stay on track and achieve your wellness goals. Start by expressing gratitude for what you already have. Then remind yourself of your wonderful attributes by writing out affirmations that match your new year’s wellness goals. For example, if your goal is fitness goal, look in the mirror a few times a day and remind yourself, “I am strong.”

Do more of what you enjoy, since wellness activities you like will help you feel happy and recharged.

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