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Sleep Sensitivity

Here’s How to Start Your Journey to CBD

Starting your journey into CBD? Here are some products to try

Charlotte’s Web Original Formula

Charlotte’s Web pioneered the industry with its Original Formula. It has the most hemp extract and cannabidiol content per serving of any Charlotte’s Web product sold online and is a best-seller, especially for supporting healthy sleep cycles and managing everyday stress.

All Charlotte’s Web hemp is grown in the United States using proprietary genetics without any harmful pesticides. They test everything from the soil in which the plants grow to the water to the extract and the final product.

Elixinol Powder Pack

This groundbreaking quick dissolve powder is designed to see you through the long, cold days of winter. Specially created micro-encapsulated CBD is water-soluble for higher absorption and bioaccessibility. Convenient and easy to use, this full-spectrum hemp CBD extract nourishes and supports focus, endurance, resilience and repair.

Ananda Hemp Spectrum 600

Spectrum 600 contains 600  milligrams of vital cannabinoids that support body and mind relaxation. 
All Ananda Hemp products are 100 percent grown and processed in the USA and certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. We don’t use imported CBD extract that isn’t compliant with the Farm Bill. Our products are 100percent legal in all 50 states. 

CbdMD Signature Collection CBD Bath Bomb

CBD oil from cbdMD has the power to help you unlock a naturally better self. Their Signature Collection CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect way to revitalize and relax with every soak. Simply draw yourself a warm bath, drop in the CBD Bath Bomb, and enjoy the 100 percent pure therapeutic essential oils, aromatics and 100 milligrams of USA Grade-A premium CBD oil.CBDISTILLERY Gummies

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