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A Better Mattress Means Better Health

Mary Helen Rogers

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Better Sleep Council

In 2020, the Better Sleep Council surveyed Americans on how they were sleeping. It was no surprise that people reported sleeping more poorly than the prior year, and this trend continues through the pandemic. More than four in 10 described their sleep as poor or fair, and most get less than the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep each night. Thirty-seven percent of respondents reported waking up tired often or frequently, and a quarter said they wake up stiff, sore, or in pain. Nearly half of those surveyed — 47 percent — said they never or rarely wake up feeling refreshed, while 45 percent said they wake up at night often. Many factors are influencing how we sleep and this includes economic stress and the impact of the pandemic


Over the past year, more time at home has inspired people to spend more money on optimizing their living spaces, with bedding products and mattresses at the top of the list.  

How exactly do mattress shoppers get started once they identify that they are ready for a bedroom upgrade? The Better Sleep Council suggests taking the Better Bed Quizzz for a personalized summary of individual needs and preferences when it comes to their mattress.

Consumers should take their time and employ a mix of resources to make a better-informed opinion. While it is important to set a budget, don’t be cheap. Investing in a quality and supportive mattress is a direct investment into one’s health and well-being.

Shoppers choosing to do their homework and spend time researching feel more satisfied with their purchase, enjoy their shopping experience and are more likely to be satisfied with their sleep quality. Today’s mattress shopper is browsing and ultimately buying online more frequently, although they miss the in-store buying experience. 

For those shoppers feeling a bit apprehensive about going to a physical location to shop, many retailers have taken measures to ensure that the shopping environment is safe during the pandemic. 

It’s important that consumers move from thinking of a new mattress as a grudge purchase — like new tires or a water heater — to seeing it as a household upgrade and a luxury item. Don’t stop with just the mattress, it is also important to think about the entire sleep environment. Keep the bedroom organized, decorated with “cool” and relaxing colors, and invest in good accessories such as pillows, sheets, and mattress protector.


By making sleep a priority, everyone can start waking up to better health.

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