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Laila Ali Gives Her Tips for Eating Clean and Being Thoughtful

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Armendariz

It’s no secret that Americans struggle with diet and lifestyle. Almost 75 percent have too few vegetables and fruits in their diet, and most eat too much sugar, fat, and salt. Living through a global pandemic isn’t making things any easier.

Laila Ali wants to inspire us all to be healthier. The daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Laila carved out her own legend as the most successful female boxer of all time, and has since created her own lifestyle brand ( focused on building healthy relationships with food.

“I look at health and wellness holistically,” Ali said. “Physically, mentally, and spiritually. I can be in control of my own health by being intentional about my lifestyle choices. My routine is to eat well, exercise, pray, meditate, and practice gratitude.”

For Ali, the secret is knowing what you’re putting into your body. 

“Eating clean, NON-GMO whole foods and purchasing the highest-quality ingredients that your budget allows are big factors for wellness,” she said. “Investing in high-quality supplements and vitamins is also key.”

Photo: Courtesy of Allen Cooley

As a mother of two, Ali has a lot of experience encouraging her family to make healthy choices. 

“I have been focused on making sure my family was healthy way before the pandemic, but now more than ever, I remind them of why I always make it a point to make them drink smoothies, take vitamins, and eat organic NON-GMO foods,” she said. “We can feel confident in our immune systems and not be fearful because we are strong, and our bodies were created to fight sickness. 

“Fear alone can weaken your immune system. So again, being in control of your health and mindset is powerful and healing in itself.”

Ali knows everyone moves at their own speed. “I encourage everyone to think about what they can add to their daily routine as opposed to what needs to be taken away,” she said. “The less overwhelming and forceful making good wellness choices can be, the more successful and long-lasting the changes will be.”

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