Cardiovascular Health
Celebrity Trainer Bob Harper’s Tough Lesson in Heart Health
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 790,000 Americans experience a heart attack annually. Last year, one of them was a poster child of health.
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Cardiovascular Health
A Singer Finds Her Voice After a Stroke
Learn how a range of therapies help stroke survivors live independently, return to work and — in the case of one performer — get back to doing what they love.
Nutrition and Heart Health
Plant-Based Nutrition Is Changing How Doctors Talk to Patients
Dr. Scott Stoll has been championing plant-based nutrition in his medical practice for 17 years, and the changes to his patients’ health have been remarkable.
Nutrition and Heart Health
Laila Ali Gives Her Tips for Eating Clean and Being Thoughtful
Home chef, television host, and athlete Laila Ali spells out how she keeps herself and her family fit and healthy.