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Journey to Parenthood

Where to Find the Essentials for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

It can be difficult to know what brands and products to trust when buying goods for Mom and baby. To help we’ve spotlighted some of the best and most sustainable brands in the market for baby food, go bags, hygiene products and more.

Tiny Human Food® 

A force good for a voiceless population, Tiny Human Food® (created and run by a mom) produces the cleanest line of baby food on the market and is cold-pressed, organic, small-batch, and absolutely scrumptious. We hold ourselves to the highest standards (as acknowledged by the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award we were given) and are committed to the exceptional development of tiny humans. We also aim to come together with parents who are tasked with facilitating the whole life of tiny humans by making things as easy as possible, so we deliver right to your door. Learn more at

Mom Bag by Post-Op Provisions

You plan the birth, you prepare to bring Baby home, but what about Mom? Try as we may to make childbirth less clinical, there’s no escaping that there will be fluids leaking from unusual places, swelling in not so fun spots, and a general screwing up of your body for weeks afterward. Let us help. Our Mom Bag is filled with postpartum supplies and all-natural comfort products you might not know you needed, aren’t likely to have, and may have trouble finding on your own. Mom Bag is also sustainably sourced and packaged. Learn more at


Breastfeeding isn’t always easy and Motherlove is here to help. Find relief and support with our extensive line of More Milk(r) herbal breastfeeding supplements and award-winning Nipple Cream, widely recommended by lactation professionals and moms alike. Motherlove products are powered by herbs and clean, simple ingredients, so it’s easy to feel good about stocking up on essentials to help you (and your little one) navigate pregnancy and postpartum. Founded by a pregnant mom more than 30 years ago, Motherlove is family-run, women-owned, and proud to be a sustainable B Corp connecting motherhood to Mother Earth. Available nationwide, learn more at

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest

Born out of the need for more sleep, the mom-invented baby deedee sleep nest is a wearable duvet baby sleep bag, designed for infants and toddlers aged 0-36 months. It replaces loose blankets in the crib ensuring a cozy and more restful night’s sleep for babies and parents. Its patented shoulder snap design enables you to place your sleeping baby in the sleep nest without waking her. The baby deedee sleep nest is made from high quality Indian fabrics with an extra quiet zipper for convenience and easy diaper changes. Available in a variety of weights for all climates.

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