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Leading the Way in Patient-Focused Cancer Care in the Face of COVID-19

Athenex Oncology is focused on both medical treatment and emotional support for people with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim Cook, senior VP of Global Oncology Marketing, explains.

Tim Cook,

Senior VP of Global Oncology Marketing

How has COVID-19 affected patients with MBC?

Multiple studies, including a recent Cancer Support Community study, show that a diagnosis of metastatic disease could cause patients to experience an overwhelming sense of isolation and aloneness. These feelings have been magnified during the pandemic and people living with MBC may be feeling a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty. They may be missing treatments and may fear getting sick from family members.

How does Athenex Oncology potentially provide better options in light of COVID-19?

Athenex Oncology is focused on developing oral therapies that patients can take at home or wherever they choose. Our goal is to offer care and support to patients that transcend the traditional confines of healthcare. While oral treatment offers freedom from going to an infusion center during “normal times,” it’s especially significant while dealing with COVID-19 and a changing healthcare environment where telemedicine has become more common.

Tell us about the Facing MBC Together campaign.

Facing MBC Together is a public education and support campaign featuring individuals who share their stories and advice around feelings of anger, loneliness, and hope. It includes a website and a mobile app that provides information and resources to help people facing MBC create a personal support network and feel less isolated — all found at

How is Facing MBC Together different from other cancer or healthcare campaigns?

At the heart of the campaign is a diverse group of people with MBC who shared their stories of hope, tears, and encouragement. With Facing MBC Together, we recognize the unique experiences these people face and provide educational tools and resources to get them through each day.

What unmet patient need does the campaign address? 

The campaign gives people with MBC an elevated voice and platform. The centerpiece of Facing MBC Together is a digital resource that enables those living with MBC to create a private support group to positively impact their well-being and lessen some of their day-to-day burdens. The resource features numerous tools, including a customizable calendar that allows supporters to fulfill a loved one’s requests for everyday tasks, a real-time video channel, a health update blog, and a photo and video gallery. This campaign reflects our desire to support the MBC community in meaningful ways.

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