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CoNexus Cancer Assassins Treat Untreatable Tumors

Certain cancers have long been thought inoperable or resistant to treatment, but a new therapy directly targeting tumors is changing the game.

A study published in the Journal of Liver Research, Disorders and Therapy, presents a tumor-targeted intratumoral immunotherapy which was shown to greatly shrink or even totally destroy late stage pancreatic tumors without surgery and within weeks of starting treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most malignant cancers in the world. Aggressive organ metastases, such as of the liver, in latent stages generally prevents a surgical resection.

According to the study, a tumor-targeted immunotherapy could result in fewer patients undergoing an invasive surgical removal of the tumor and longer-term survival.

The study states that in addition to non-surgical tumor destruction (debulking) tumor-targeted immunotherapy also showed favorable response to reducing tumor toxicity and hindering further tumor growth. CoNexus Care’s tumor-targeted protocol is designed to serve three vital functions.


It treats untreatable tumors such as pancreatic, liver, or breast, without surgery, and without collateral damage to surrounding tissues/organs. It enhances cell death via minimally invasive tumor-targeted injections. And it enhances systemic cancer immunity via introduction of autologous dendritic cell antigen designed to enhance cellular death (apoptosis); a primordial event to activate systemic T cell response.

By destroying only the deadly tumor cells, healthy cells can maintain full functionality, and typically offer the patient no uncomfortable side effects like fatigue, pain, mouth sores, diarrhea, nausea, blood disorders, nervousness or hair loss.   

CoNexus Cancer Centers are in Southern California and Baja California, each providing highly trained and board-certified physicians with safe and effective therapies designed to destroy lethal cancerous tumors without compromising a patient’s quality of life.  This has been paid for by CoNexus Cancer Centers.

This article has been paid for by CoNexus Cancer Centers

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