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If you have a thyroid condition, like Graves’ disease, and are experiencing dry and gritty eyes, teary eyes, redness, eye bulging, or double vision, you could have thyroid eye disease (TED). Oftentimes, these eye symptoms are mistaken for more common conditions like seasonal allergies, dry eye, or conjunctivitis, delaying the diagnosis of TED.

TED is a rare, autoimmune condition that may affect up to 50% of people with Graves’ disease — a separate autoimmune condition and the most common form of hyperthyroidism.

Other symptoms of TED include eye pain and pressure behind the eyes, misaligned eyes, sensitivity to light, and blurry vision. If left untreated, TED can potentially lead to vision loss.

If you have Graves’ disease and eye symptoms, it’s important to see a TED Eye Specialist, like an oculoplastic surgeon or neuro-ophthalmologist, who is specially trained to diagnose and manage TED. Not all eye doctors have experience treating TED.

Write down your symptoms and note how they affect you: Is your vision blurry when you look at your phone? Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Bring this information to your appointment. An early diagnosis can help you avoid serious eye damage and get your symptoms under control.

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