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Solving the Eyedrop Problem

Robbie Spencer

Marketing Manager, Nanodropper, [email protected]

For decades, the eyecare industry has known that eyedrops are too big for the human eye — five times too big. This means that about 80 percent of every drop is wasted due to overflow onto your cheek, or drainage by the tear ducts where the medication is absorbed into the rest of your body. Clinical research shows that smaller drops are as effective, and in many cases, safer than current drops — yet you are still forced to pay for this wasted medication. 

After reading about this problem in a ProPublica article titled, “Drug Companies Make Eyedrops Too Big, and You Pay for the Waste,” CEO Allisa Song began designing the Nanodropper adaptor — a new invention that attaches to the tip of an eyedrop bottle and reduces the drop size to the ideal volume. This eliminates the waste from your typical eyedrop, stretching the life of each bottle by three to four times. 

With the goal of bringing power back to the patients, Nanodropper’s mission is to reduce medical waste, increase access to vision-saving medications, and promote eye health. As a big step in this mission, Nanodropper recently launched their Give the Gift of Vision program where individuals can donate Nanodroppers to those struggling to afford their medications. For just $14.99, you can purchase a Nanodropper for yourself or donate one to someone in need and Nanodropper’s team will ship it to a recipient at no cost to them!

Visit to see how you can help us Give the Gift of Vision, or to learn how you can benefit from the Nanodropper!

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