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A Q&A With Sofia Vergara About Her New Line of Reading Glasses

Photos: Courtesy of Foster Grant

The “Modern Family” actress says she resisted getting readers for a long time, now she’s all about using pairs that fit her personal style.

When did you know it was time to see an optometrist/see a need for reading glasses?

I noticed as I’ve gotten older that reading scripts, books, labels, and more have caused a bit of strain. Words started looking fuzzy. I tried squinting. Holding things at arm’s length. Asking people what things say. It was crazy. I had never in my life needed to wear glasses, so for a long time I was fighting it. I don’t have an issue with wearing readers now — I just want ones that fit my personality and my wardrobe! 

So, I wanted to create a collection of eyewear that would make women want to wear their glasses, in a way that is sexy and stylish, empowering women. 

How can we encourage caregivers, patients, and others to seek vision care before you continue to damage your eyesight?

Aging eyes are natural! As we get older, our eyes lose the ability to focus, causing blurry vision. A visit to your optometrist and simple reading glasses can help correct that, and you don’t need to break the bank! 

My message to other women who shop my collection is this: Embrace where you are in life now. So, what if you need readers now? You can look beautiful and amazing. Readers are an easy solution to make your quality of life so much better.

Have you seen a drastic increase in screen time since the current pandemic? Have you ever been affected by digital eye strain?

I’ve definitely spent a lot more time reading and on my screens in quarantine. My Multi Focus Blue readers have been a huge saving grace. 

I hate taking my readers on and off when I go from one thing to the next. Now, I can do it all with just one pair, because the readers also have the added bonus of blocking potentially harmful blue light with a clear coating. It’s a win-win.

What inspires you as a designer for your eyewear brand? 

My design philosophy is all about expressing yourself proudly and boldly. It’s about combining designs and patterns and colors in unexpected ways.

Every day I want to look and feel smart, sexy and confident. Like I’m ready for anything. And this is what I brought to each of my designs. What I wanted was to make a beautiful collection that called attention, using colors and materials that are comfortable and light, and shapes that are going to look good on every face.

Are you a fan of the new direct to consumer method of getting glasses?

Of course. I think accessibility is key. We tried to make this collection both easily accessible and affordable, a great solution for everyone.

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