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Stroke Awareness

Learning to Walk Again After a Stroke

Dr. William C. Bridges of the Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth talks about how some patients can relearn to perform daily tasks like walking after suffering from a stroke.

Why do some patients have difficulty walking after a stroke?

Patients who have suffered a stroke often have impaired signaling from the brain to the muscles they use to walk. Depending on where in the brain the stroke occurred, this may impact one or both sides of the body.

How can rehabilitation help patients regain their mobility?

After a stroke, patients must relearn how to perform certain tasks. Rehabilitation in an inpatient setting presents a multidisciplinary approach with skilled clinicians to address the patient’s cognitive, physical, and emotional needs while recovering.  

How do you incorporate advanced technology into your patients’ rehabilitation?

The team at Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth includes some of the most highly trained clinicians in our industry. As the demands of healthcare change, we are committed to investing in technology, like the EksoGT wearable robotic exoskeleton.

New technologies give our team the tools to offer the absolute best patient experience and opportunity for recovery. In particular, advanced technology has allowed us to increase the number and quality of therapeutic repetitions we are able to achieve, which has positively impacted our patients.

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