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Natural Microalgae Can Give You Better Skin

Photo: Courtesy of Park Street on Unsplash

We spoke to Rose Fernandez, the CEO of the algae-based, high-end skincare brand Algenist about how microalgae can benefit your skin.

Rose Fernandez

CEO, Algenist

Can you tell us more about the recent studies done with regenerative microalgae?

Microalgae is a renewable, regenerative plant has been in existence for billions of years and has survived extinction due to an ability to survive and thrive in the world’s harshest environments, to regenerate and proliferate; which makes it a timeless ingredient in skincare.

Algenist was founded from microalgae and born from an ingredient discovery with our patented and exclusive Alguronic Acid from microalgae. Microalgae’s limitless potential allows Algenist to continue to innovate skincare products with Alguronic Acid, and each product promises 10-day results, always.

How does your Alguronic Acid benefit skin health?

Algenist’s patented Alguronic Acid from microalgae is scientifically proven to improve evening of skin tone for a brighter appearance by 26%, improve appearance of firmness by 32%, decrease fine lines and deep wrinkles by 35%, and improve overall skin health by 51%.

Scientifically shown to outperform a number of well-known skincare ingredients, Alguronic Acid is proven to boost the benefits of other well-known ingredients in our products. Alguronic Acid on its own helps hydrate, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area, and fight environmental assaults that cause signs of aging in skin.

Alguronic Acid from regenerative microalgae boasts eight patents — seven for improving the health and appearance of skin and one for advanced skin brightening qualities.

What is the difference between traditional skin care and skin care that is made with regenerative microalgae?

Algenist relies on regenerative microalgae to produce our patented ingredient, Alguronic Acid. A regenerative ingredient has the ability to be reproduced in the lab, which is important when we think about sustainability, as we cannot keep taking from natural resources. Many plant ingredients in skincare are derived from an extraction process, literally taking from natural resources to create the formula. This is how skincare ingredients and formulas have been made for centuries. A regenerative process is a modern approach to formulation and was born from the science of biotechnology. This is unique because it considers our future.

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