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Sexual Wellness

Finding Wellness During Your Period

Alila Rose Grace

Founder, Mahina Menstrual Cup

Periods are a natural part of having a uterus, but there’s still a stigma around menstruation as a whole. We need to stop treating periods as something shameful to be hidden away, and instead celebrate them as a normal part of life – and that starts with our relationship to our own bodies.

Imagine that every month, your favorite flower blossoms inside you. This flower needs you to tend the soil, water it regularly, and give it sunshine. The flower blooms in accordance with your devoted care. And then it wilts, sheds its petals, and gets composted back into the earth.

Connect to yourself

Every period lets you learn about yourself and your body’s needs. If you experience heavy PMS symptoms, take some time to relax, connect with yourself, and listen to what your body needs. This is your chance to center yourself and spend time tending to your emotional and physical well-being.

Breathe and relax

Cramps can be painful, but there are techniques you can use to mitigate symptoms. Take a moment and bring your hands to your stomach. Take a long, deep breath in, and fill your stomach completely. Let the breath linger while you bring your focus and awareness to your uterus. Exhale and let it all go. Repeat. Start with a few breaths and work up to a few minutes.

Though menstruation often feels like a nuisance, it doesn’t have to be. Take this time to look after yourself, give yourself some self-care, and honor this natural, biological process. Your period can be a gift, not a curse.

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