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Sexual Wellness

4 Products to Improve Your Sexual Wellness

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of complete sexual wellness. From menstruation to hygiene to sex, these products are sure to satisfy.


Vella™ is designed by scientists to enhance feminine sexual pleasure, because science and sex are all about experimentation. Vella is a proprietary liposomal nanoencapsulation formulation developed with maximum cannabinoid bioavailability for smooth-muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Manna is the first team of scientists to measure scientifically the effect of CBD application to female genitalia and to create a formula to aid in sexual function.

Vella is condom compatible, paraben free, and scientifically tested.

Mimi Soft

Je Joue Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator is like a bullet, but better. To have more powerful orgasms, it’s important to stimulate as much of the clitoris as possible. To do this, you need powerful, low-frequency vibrations which can reach all the internal nerve endings. Cheap vibrators simply don’t do this. Je Joue Mimi Soft’s pebble shape is perfectly designed to stimulate the entire vulva and clitoris, while the soft tip also provides more direct pinpoint stimulation. Je Joue’s signature, ultra-low-frequency motor vibrates at the same frequency as a sub-woofer, penetrating deeply through the skin and leading to deeper, richer orgasms.



The FDA-approved FemCap is an award-winning, hormone-free birth control method that is easy to use, free of side effects, and cost effective. FemCap doesn’t interfere with sexual pleasure to either partner. It is designed to deliver antibiotics or antifungal creams for prevention and treatment of vaginal and cervical infections. FemCap empowers women who cannot tolerate hormones or condoms.

Yoni Shakti Bundle

Ready for a complete vagina charge-up? Yoni Blossom Herbal Detox Wand clears out your vagina, Radiant Jade Yoni Egg harnesses your sexual energy, and Mahina Menstrual Cup is period enlightenment.

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