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The Game-Changing Senior-Friendly Smart Oven and Meal Delivery Service

meal delivery service-smart oven-seniors-caretakers
meal delivery service-smart oven-seniors-caretakers

Tovala set out with the mission to reinvent home cooking to save customers time. However, they quickly realized they had become a unique solution for a large community of seniors and senior caretakers in need of simple and nutritious alternatives to the traditional home-cooked meal.

Tovala’s easy-to-assemble meals and smart oven — which perfectly cooks each meal in 20 minutes or less using the simple scan of a QR code — have helped these individuals overcome difficulties with cooking at home, whether that’s preparing ingredients, using an oven, or handling dangerous preparation utensils.

“I am a senior with a disability and have trouble standing for regular meal prep,” says Tovala customer Cherly D. “This Tovala smart oven and prepared meals are a total relief for us! Healthy meals with minimal prep — perfect!” 

Tovala is giving seniors everywhere an accessible ecosystem that allows them to eat healthy, chef-crafted meals without the stress associated with home cooking. With five cooking functions (steam, bake, broil, toast, and reheat) and the ability to scan-to-cook nearly 1,000 brand-name grocery items, there is a reason why Tovala was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2021.

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