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Melanie Gloria

Senior Vice President, Development Operations, Horizon Therapeutics

There are more than 35 million people in the United States living with a rare disease and each has a story to tell. Horizon Therapeutics CEO Tim Walbert is one of them. Like many rare disease patients, Tim waited nine years and worked with more than 100 physicians before getting an accurate diagnosis. Motivated by his personal journey, Tim started Horizon, a company committed to developing breakthrough medicines for patients who have rare and rheumatic diseases. 

Our work is as personal to him as it is to many at Horizon, including myself. My son lives with a rare genetic disorder and every day I am driven to make a bigger impact as a parent, caregiver, scientist and leader on the research and development team. Our approach to R&D involves a unique blend of scientific rigor and compassion for patients to improve the lives of the patients we serve.

It’s also why we created the #RAREis program, to further elevate the unique voices, faces and experiences of people living with rare diseases. Through close partnerships, our programs empower people living with rare diseases to share their stories through song, photos, videos and blog posts. These stories have inspired the creation of new grants for rare children awaiting adoption, driven the development of resources to help with guardianship and transitions, and established a scholarship fund to support the pursuit of life enrichment activities for adults living with rare diseases.

We know everyone has a story to tell, share yours at www.RAREisCommunity.com.

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