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Why Lawrence Zarian Says Real Men Take Charge of Their Prostate Health

Photo: Courtesy of James Mankoff

Author, TV personality, and fashion expert Lawrence Zarian has long been an advocate for men’s health. Zarian, who recently launched his own collection of stylish separates called CAxLZ with Connected Apparel, discussed the stigmas surrounding many health issues, and why he thinks men should get regularly screened for prostate cancer.

How do you make sure you’re properly monitoring your prostate health?

Due to my family history with prostate cancer, I have two complete physicals each year. I’m also extremely transparent with my doctor(s) and tell them everything. My amazing father had prostate cancer and was extremely open and honest about it, for himself and for his three sons. My father was also one of those men who listened to his doctors and always had his prostate checked. His early detection added so much more time to his precious life. There’s no shame in that game!

What should all men know about prostate cancer and its effects?

All men should do their research because this is something that can affect all men, plus this is something that should not be ignored.

Why do you think there is such a stigma attached to prostate health?

It’s hard for some men to be vulnerable with their doctor, especially when it comes to their anus. It’s taboo and that is just silly! I have men in my life that actually hate going to the doctor for their prostate exam and the intimate process involved. They feel as if their masculinity is being threatened. On the contrary, I believe getting your prostate exam shows that you’re man enough to take care of yourself and your health.

With the current pandemic, what advice would you give to young men looking to balance their health and find their next career move?

In our new normal, everyone should consider this time as a way to restart their lives. The entire world stopped and for a period of time, we were all given some precious time to rethink our priorities and what is truly important: friends, family, health. So important, and so easily forgotten or ignored. 

Take extra time to take care of yourself and be still, be quiet, and breathe. Take in the moment. Every moment. Put the phone down and go for a proper socially distanced walk. Find a space in your home to meditate. Nourish yourself with good foods. Healthy foods. Exercise. Find a healthy balance and end the day, every day, with a gratitude list.

As for your career, we have been forced to realize just how precious life can be and how fleeting life is. If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it now. Do it now. What is it that makes you happy? What is it that brings you joy? What type of job or career would you like to have that could mean something to yourself and the world? Only you know that answer. Do it. Feel it. Love it!

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