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Sleepless Nights and Bathroom Anxiety: A New Supplement for A Healthier Prostate

Two doctors discuss the effects of a a single-herb product and it’s positive effects on prostate cancer patients suffering.


Dr. Jason Kelberman

Chiropractic Kinesiologist, Westside Wellness Center

What’s your personal experience with prostate and urination issues?

Over 32 years, I’ve studied physiotherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, and metabolic nutrition — anything that helps our patients get well and stay well. I’m also a 65-year-old male who, like many, is having urination issues. I began waking up every two hours to pee at night.

What are the negative aspects of frequent urination?

A couple of days of that and you get pretty dehydrated and that’s not good for the rest of your body. Along with the water and other compounds in your urine, you also lose all your minerals. So your muscles become depleted and your other functions can be affected.

As a physician and chiropractic kinesiologist treating people with sleep disorders, I can tell you that it affects your whole life. Waking up every two hours keeps you out of your deep REM sleep, which means that you are not going to rebuild tissue, recover from your previous day, recharge your batteries and get into a normal functioning day. So for me, I’m coming in tired, having trouble focusing, having issues being able to exercise in the gym, and those types of things. So it has a far-reaching effect on anybody.

What remedies have you explored?

I’ve tried many different products, herbs, vitamins and things that are sold everywhere, including [things] on the web that are purported to help bladder and urinary issues in aging men. I’ve not found any of them very helpful for me. One I’m very comfortable talking to you about is Crila.

What was your experience with Crila like?

Within three days of using Crila, that all changed. I’m completely sleeping through the night and my flow is increasing. My ability to start the urine stream is much improved. Within 30 days of using the product I’m back to my normal self again.

Do you recommend Crila to your patients?

I recommend Crila to men who have urinary or prostate issues as they’re getting older as a very simple, inexpensive way, to take charge of their own health. [It’s] probably going to vary in every body depending on the health of not just their bladder and their prostate, but of their general body as well.


Dr. Neil Furman, D.O.

Internal Medicine Specialist

What are the negative aspects of frequent urination?

I see a lot of male patients over the age of 40 with declining prostate health. Their complaints usually are urinary frequency, getting up many times during the night, difficulty going to the bathroom or dysuria. A lot of men complain of urgency, having a hard time getting to the bathroom on time. If they don’t find a bathroom quickly, they’re going to have an accident.

Many men will change the way they live, just because of the amount of times they go to the bathroom. They’re always thinking about where they’re going, if there if a bathroom available or where the next bathroom will be, just to make sure one is always going to be nearby just in case.

What do your patients experience in regards to prostate health and frequent urination?

It usually starts with them saying, “I wake up once a night.” Then it becomes twice a night. Then they’ll say, “I have to find a bathroom somewhat quickly.” Then it becomes, “I don’t empty all the way.” And then it becomes, “I’m not sleeping well at night. I’m getting a little grumpy. My wife is getting angry at me. I’m getting a little snippy, she’s getting snippy back at me.” It’s this never-ending story and it always starts with I’m not going to the bathroom fully.

What remedies have you explored?

Crila has been studied for over 30 years. Now that it’s available in the United States, it has sparked interest amongst top prostate researchers in America. Crila has been tested by the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy and found to be estrogen free. Crila’s a great product because it is all-natural.

What was your experience with Crila like?

In an uncontrolled study, 89 percent of men had very good results 60 days after starting Crila. The experiences of my patients mirrors the research.

As a physician, I’m always looking to find new innovative products to help my patients.

Please call 800-914-3858 or visit Crila Health‘s official website for more information.

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