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Why do so many men deal with prostate troubles? The answer may surprise you. Because the prostate gland continues to grow all through a man’s life, and because the urethra runs right through the prostate gland, the issue is structural. Prostate gland enlargement, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is common after age 50. If you’ve noticed symptoms like difficulty starting to urinate, waking up many times at night to urinate, and being unable to completely empty the bladder, read on.

Eating a wide variety of brightly colored vegetables and fruits, getting daily body movement, and having regular prostate screenings, including a PSA test, can keep the prostate healthy. Some traditionally used plant ingredients show promise for reducing symptoms as well.

Supplement routine

The nutraceutical supplement Pros-T by LifeSeasons combines evidence-based doses of those botanicals and other key nutrients to support normal urine flow, prostate function, and tissue integrity.

“The ingredients in the Pros-T formula contain natural ingredients that are nourishing and supportive to the function of this important gland,” says Jamie Langston, a registered nurse, certified clinical research professional, and chief research officer at LifeSeasons.

Pros-T supports normal urine flow and prostate function in men, while also supporting tissue integrity.

The product’s ingredients include saw palmetto berry extract, one of the most well-known herbs for prostate health, along with plant compounds like beta-sitosterol, Swedish flower pollen, and nettle leaf. Pros-T also includes vitamins D3 and B6 and the minerals zinc and selenium, which are often deficient in those with prostate issues.

“The combination of beta-sitosterol and Swedish flower pollen is both effective and backed by published research on BPA,” says Sarah Burden, LifeSeasons’ vice president of education. “Being able to reduce nighttime trips to the bathroom improves quality of life for anyone suffering from prostate issues, including their spouses. In fact, many of the letters we receive are from the wives of men who have had their symptoms reduced by this formula.”

Alternative to pharmaceuticals

BPH is often treated with pharmaceuticals, which help relax the neck muscles of the bladder and muscle fibers in the prostate to help improve urinary flow. These drugs block and inhibit receptors and enzymes associated with relieving prostate symptoms.

There are many drugs to treat BPH, and Flomax (tamsulosin) is the most prescribed. Side effects of these drugs may include decreased sex drive, abnormal ejaculation, extended and painful erection, weight gain, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, blurred vision, and more.

Pros-T helps you get urine flow back to normal without the side effects from pharmaceuticals, thanks to natural ingredients to support normal prostate function and help keep tissues around the prostate healthy.

Langston says studies show that saw palmetto is, “just as effective as Flomax in decreasing urinary flow issues in BPH.” She says saw palmetto does not block or interfere with the body’s natural processes and has very few side effects. The biggest symptom is nausea, which can be reduced or eliminated when taken with food.

Pros-T’s effects are usually noticeable after one to two months, but some people experience a difference within one to two weeks, including increase in volume and intensity of urine flow, as well as not having to urinate as often during the night.

Langston recommends taking the supplement —two capsules with food every morning —consistently, every day.

The right dose

“You want effectiveness. It really is that simple,” says Langston. “I know my patients wouldn’t know that 320 mg of saw palmetto berry extract is considered the effective dose, so I love that LifeSeasons looks to science and builds the formulas with effective, research-backed dosages of multiple ingredients,” she says. “The synergy of ingredients provides greater health benefits without pushing the upper limits of safety.”

“Not all supplements are created equal, and not all companies are putting in a full therapeutic dose of a given herb,” says Burden. “When customers use Pros-T, they know they’re getting the right dose.”

Pros-T is available at retailers like Sprouts and Whole Foods, as well as online. Find out more at

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