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Advice for Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

You have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. A cancer diagnosis comes as a surprise to most men and can be a frightening message. The normal urge is to plunge into a “crash course” to learn how to manage this unwelcome intrusion into your life, a crash course you are unlikely to know how to handle objectively. 

If your diagnosis came as the result of scheduled PSA testing, it is very likely the disease was found early. Stop, take a deep breath, step back, and think objectively. It is extremely unusual that you need to rush to a decision here. 

Most cancers sit quietly in a prostate and grow for 10-15 years. It’s unlikely that you suddenly developed prostate cancer. Most likely, you have just been diagnosed with a cancer you have had for a long time. 

Good advice is invaluable

So, what should you do? You do not need to become an instant expert. Instead, schedule consultations with different specialists who can describe different treatments and help you decide which one is best for you. It’s important to learn about your condition and possible treatments, but you do not need to do this alone. That is why the specialists are there. This is the time for deliberation since, once treated, you cannot reverse the course. 


After stopping and thinking, and gaining expert guidance, you can act. Most of your anxiety and consternation will subside. When you make a considered decision, you will feel very comfortable. Then you can devote your energy to successfully getting through treatment and recovery.

The data on the Prostate Cancer Free website can help you make an informed decision. The website features information that can help you determine which treatments are the most successful at eliminating localized cancer, and to help you increase your odds of remaining prostate cancer free for the rest of your life. 

Our data summarizes the treatment outcomes of over 100,000 patients from around the world, following them for up to 15 years. After reviewing the findings of over 28,000 articles on prostate cancer treatment, we have compiled a comprehensive comparison of treatment results. 

The Prostate Cancer Free Website offers:

  • Basic information on the prostate gland
  • Explanation of prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Steps to take after diagnosis
  • Interactive treatment comparison graphs for each risk group
  • Information on treatment side effects
  • Instructions for how to measure treatment success
  • A patient worksheet 
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