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New Technology Can Make Dental Implant Surgery a Better Experience for the Patient

Robert W. Emery, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

“Dental implants are a long-lasting and effective replacement for teeth,” says oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Robert W. Emery, DDS. “Implants benefit overall oral health and look, feel and function just like natural teeth.”

Technology advances

Patients want dental implant surgery to be as smooth as possible. Dentists focus on precision since poorly placed implants can come loose, be painful and visually unappealing. New dental technology means dentists can accurately insert dental implants in a minimally invasive, same-day guided surgery. Using patent-pending navigation technology, X-Nav Technologies, a medical device company, developed their X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system for more accurate surgical navigation during dental implant procedures.

The system integrates Cone Beam 3D imaging into a dentist’s practice, enhancing precision and control during surgeries. The X-Guide system offers dentists interactive, turn-by-turn guidance, which is like GPS for the dentist’s drill. Dentists can look at the computer screen to focus precisely during the dental implant surgery. The system also helps dentists visualize the placement of the implants.

“When the dentist uses technology like a dental navigation system, the implant can be placed exactly where the dental surgeon wants it,” says Dr. Emery, who is also the chief medical officer for X-Nav Technologies. “For the patient, this means a minimally invasive procedure that can offer less postoperative pain, fewer complications, faster recovery and ideal functional and cosmetic results.”

Best results

Dr. Emery advises patients considering dental implants to ask their dentist if they use a dental navigation system. “You should choose a dentist that has completed training in dental implant surgery and has made the investment in utilizing technology to provide the best results for their patients,” he says, noting, “accuracy and precision of where that implant is placed during surgery is critical to its success.”

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