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Gone are the days when braces were the only way to align your teeth. Now clear aligners are a popular, efficient way to improve your smile.

Influencer Hayden Summerall has been wearing ClearCorrect aligners for 22 hours a day for the past six months. It’s his preferred way to get a better smile.

“I wear them all day but I practically forget they’re in most of the time,” said the 17-year-old actor, content creator, and musician who has more than 5 million fans on social media.  “I can sing, I talk, I do everything, and I literally forget they’re in.”

Before getting his aligners, the Dallas teen was self-conscious about his smile. He had a few teeth that were crowded and a few others that were crooked. He decided to try ClearCorrect after he saw a friend’s great smile; a result of the aligners.

While everyone’s treatment plan is different, Summerall’s includes 7 steps (14 trays) of clear aligners. He gets a new set every two weeks.

“As soon as I finish my trays, my teeth will be more perfect,” he said. “I’m not even halfway done and my teeth already look 80% better.”

He maintains the aligners by brushing them with a special toothpaste. He stores them in a case when he’s not wearing them, which is typically only when he’s eating or drinking.

Improving smiles

The demand for clear aligners is growing. According to new market research by Meticulous Research®, the clear aligners market is projected to reach $20.63 billion by 2029, which is a compound annual growth rate of over 20% during the forecast period.

One brand of aligners, ClearCorrect, was founded by a dentist for dentists. Since 2017, it has been a member of the Straumann Group of brands, whose mission is to unlock the potential of people’s lives.

“It’s for people who are not satisfied with their smile and want to improve it by better aligning their teeth,” said Camila Finzi, head of the orthodontics business unit for Straumann Group, a global leader in esthetic dentistry. “You can be a teen, an adult, a working professional, a retired senior — it’s for you if want to have a straighter, healthier smile.”

The discreet aligners help with both smile aesthetics and correcting dental imperfections including crowding, cross bite, spacing, deep bite, open bite, and more. The removable, clear aligners use consistent, accurate pressure to position teeth to create beautiful smiles. Worn for 22 hours a day, they can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

The aligners, which were designed over the course of years of research, have two innovations: their trimline and their proprietary ClearQuartz™ tri-layer aligner material — both of which make them more comfortable than traditional braces and many other aligners on the market.

Here’s the process: A dentist prescribes the aligners, starting by evaluating a patient’s smile by taking dental records, usually done with a 3D scanner. The dentist then works with ClearCorrect to develop a digital treatment plan for the patient. After the aligners are made, the dentist will fit them in the patient’s mouth and monitor the patient’s progress.

Choosing ClearCorrect

Finzi says consumers who need an aligner should choose ClearCorrect because their aligners cause less pain and discomfort than other brands, and they treat most alignment problems. Plus, their aligners are designed to have more predictable movement and patients don’t have food restrictions like they would with braces.

“Our aligners are more stain resistant, meaning it’s really going to be transparent in your mouth,” she said.

For patients like Summerall, having ClearCorrect has been a highly positive experience. He’s heading to Nashville to write and record new music and says, “I’m glad that I will be going there with a much better-looking smile.”

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