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6 Ways to Crush the Brush Battle

Photo: Courtesy of Alex on Unsplash

Here are 6 quick ways to make your morning and evening toothbrushing routine a little more fun:

1. Play a song

Identify a fun, upbeat song that is about two minutes long. Start brushing when the song begins and keep going until the end.

2. Brush together

When it is time for children to brush their teeth, brush with them. They’ll have more fun and learn better technique by watching you.

3. Have a sibling sing-a-long

Have one child sing the first two verses of a song while the other brushes. When one child is done singing, it’s their turn to brush.

4. Download an app

Several free toothbrushing apps include timers and fun games that encourage children to brush for the full two minutes.

5. Make a brush chart

Make a monthly brush chart that rewards your child with a sticker for every time they brush. When their brush chart is complete, reward them with a prize.

6. Let your child choose his or her own toothbrush

Next time you’re at the store, let your child choose a toothbrush. A favorite cartoon character may be just the thing you need to help you win the brush battle.

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