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Empowering Clinicians to Fight the Opioid Crisis

In response to the fear of over-prescribing pain meds and the addition of new preventative government mandates, many doctors now avoid prescribing them altogether. This has had some unintended consequences, such as the disturbing trend seen in New York, where opioid prescribing has dropped significantly, but heroin and fentanyl overdoses have gone up. Also, patients who have a genuine need for pain relief are left suffering. To win this battle, doctors need the right tools and easily accessible information to treat their patients effectively.

E-prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

EPCS helps eliminate access to paper prescription pads that can be stolen, altered or forged, protect doctors from prescription drug abuse, fraud and doctor shopping.  Tools like DrFirst iPrescribe* help clinicians identify patients at risk of opioid addiction while ensuring compliance with state mandates around electronic prescribing of controlled substances.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)

Another tool doctors have access to are state PDMPs that provide information about each patients’ opioid history. Many U.S. states now require prescribers to check PDMP databases before prescribing opioids. However, this process can take an extra four or five minutes per prescription and is very disruptive to prescriber workflows.

The iPrescribe app simplifies the process by feeding PDMP data right into the e-prescribing process. Giving clinicians instant access to critical prescription history empowers them to prescribe the appropriate meds, at the right time, to the right patients. iPrescribe allows clinicians to be part of the prevention and the solution. By identifying patients that may be at risk of opioid addiction or may already be addicted, doctors can make recommendations around prevention and intervention measures.

Linda Fischer Vice President of Product Strategy for DrFirst, [email protected]

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