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Avoiding Common Addiction Treatment Myths

As the country’s overdose epidemic continues to make daily headlines, more and more Americans are wondering what treatments really save lives. While the addiction treatment landscape is overwhelming and difficult to navigate, there is hope. Decades of research show that addiction is a disease that can be treated and managed with the same effectiveness as other chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes.

To cut through the misinformation, Shatterproof put together the Shatterproof National Principles of Care for Substance Use Disorder Treatment©. These principles are the core concepts of quality addiction treatment that are shown to improve patient outcomes when treating substance use disorders. Derived from the “Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health,” the best practices outlined in the principles are backed by rigorous research. Addiction care that aligns with these principles will help people find lasting recovery and prevent future tragedy:

  • Screening for substance use disorders in all medical care settings
  • Diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning that is specific to the patient’s needs and disease severity
  • Rapid access to appropriate care
  • Engagement in continuing long-term outpatient care with monitoring and adjustments to treatment
  • Concurrent, coordinated care for physical and mental illness
  • Access to behavioral health therapies from trained professionals
  • Access to FDA-approved medications
  • Access to non-medical recovery support services

Shatterproof is working to help patients navigate to better quality addiction treatment and support medical professionals in adopting best practices. While systemic change is needed to ensure the addiction treatment system operates under these best practices, it is critical to remember that addiction can and is treated effectively for millions of Americans.

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